Siobhan Sharp - Entrepreneur


I’m Siobhan. Welcome to Little Ducklings Baby Spa.

I’ve loved babies for as long as I can remember! I was always playing mummy with my dolls. My very first job was in the baby room of a day nursery. Following on from that I qualified as a paediatric nurse. I spent many years as a neonatal nurse looking after sick and tiny babies. Since getting married I’ve had 2 little pickles of my own - a daughter aged 8 and a son aged 3.

My route to motherhood wasn’t a straight forward one. My daughter was conceived through donor egg IVF. So although I carried her, she is not genetically related to me. Those relentless, early days were hard enough without the nagging thoughts in the back of mind that I’d be a better mum if she was “really” mine.

Thankfully, an NCT friend asked if I wanted to do a baby massage course with her and It was the best thing! It was an opportunity to do something nice with her and we both got so much out of it. I carried on massaging her at home after each bath and even got my husband in on it. Even now, aged 8, she’ll still ask for a massage every now and then. 

A few years later and we decided to adopt. We first met our son when he was 5 months old and he moved in a month later. If those first few months of parenting a donor conceived baby was tough, adopting a 6 month old, taking him from his fabulous and very competent foster carers to my untidy house and rusty mothering skills was a baptism of fire.

Thank goodness for baby massage! It was such a relaxing experience where we could slow down and really get to know each other. Life stopped still for us and we could bond. It was really special in those early months to be able to focus on just him. 

I love baby massage, I think it’s such a lovely way to really clock up those hours of skin on skin and eye contact. It’s the perfect way to express your love for each other and the best way to reset after those inevitable “tricky” days! 

I love being able to offer this luxurious spa style experience to babies and their grown ups. Whether you have previously done a course or are brand new to baby massage, the experience will be wonderful. The soft music, low lights and gentle bubbling of the whirlpool bath is the perfect wind down to a relaxing massage - for both baby and carer! I really hope you enjoy your session.